Received this e-mail today from Senator Kay Hagan (D. NC) regarding Citizens United:
You’ve all heard of Citizens United -- the Supreme Court decision that paved the way for Super PACs and out-of-touch special interests to spend millions of dollars in our elections with no transparency.

North Carolinians have seen the damage of all that secretive spending. According to the Center for Public Integrity, our state judicial races in 2012 were “rocked” by the Citizens United decision. And we’ve already seen the outside interests hard at work in our race, launching attacks on TV, online, even on billboards to influence North Carolinians.

It’s not a secret to anyone: Our campaign finance system is broken. It’s far past time we took steps to fix it.

I’m joining with a group of my colleagues to call for an end to the effects of Citizens United, and we need you to join us. Can you sign the petition right now?


Our elections should focus on the challenges that families in North Carolina are facing, not a special interest wish list. Even though Congress can’t overturn Citizens United, we can take steps to reform our campaign finance laws. We can require groups to disclose their donors so North Carolinians know who is actually funding the attack ads they see.

We can reverse the disastrous effect Citizens United is having on our democratic process. But Congress doesn’t do anything without a steady shove from supporters like you. And my colleagues and I need your help to get that done.

Join us. Call on Congress to fix our campaign finance system. Add your name to ours.


Thank you for joining us in this effort.

Kay Hagan

You can add your name here:


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