Yesterday I left off my diary at the blank page at the end of registering me and my 9 other selves on healthcare.gov.

I decided to create a whole new application and hope that I could get through the steps without all the hiccups because I already know the Plan I'm choosing. I created a new login and the system sent me an email to verify my identity.


It could not verify my identity, so I called the number for Experian and gave them the reference number. Unbelievably, they could not verify my identity and told me to call healthcare.gov and have them manually process the verification. I waited until today to call. The call was answered quickly and Lindsey was very helpful; however, she could not see my original application (which I would have let her fix my nine extra selves) and she could not find my new application, so she three-way called back to Experian, who gave her the same answer I got yesterday - that healthcare.gov has to manually verify my identity.

So, back to Lindsey. She had not been trained in this verification process, so she went hunting for the instructions, which included me sending my sensitive personal information through the US mail. I declined and asked that my original application be escalated to the next level, where someone could get me back to being just one person so I can finalize my enrollment. That will take up to four business days.

In my state of Florida only about 3600 people have signed up in the Marketplace. I am a perfect example of why it's not more :-) It's certainly not for lack of trying!

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