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The 8th Doctor regenerates, courtesy of the Sisterhood of Karn ('The Brain of Morbius'), with Ohila being played by Clare Higgins, in 'The Night of the Doctor', a mini-episode only 7 minutes long. Stephen Moffat has filled in the gap - the aching gap between Paul McGann's 8th Doctor and John Hurt, and done it remarkably well. The 'reveal' at the end is - splendid!

In a recent interview, Paul McGann complained that 'the 'phone never rang', following his only appearance as the Doctor. He intimated that he had had no contact with Stephen Moffat. Well, that is now obviously not the case, as this short mini-sode shows.

If anything, it does demonstrate that McGann had a lot of unrealized potential as the 8th Doctor. Certainly, there are hints of a deeper and more complex character, here. We can see that this incarnation could have been rather special. Anyway, we must enjoy what we now have!

Enjoy, everyone, enjoy.......

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