Fill A Stadium with the rich, it will be worth 5-6 Trillion - 50 thousand people
Fill a stadium with the bottom 20% and it will be worth less than zero.- 60 million people
Fill it with the bottom 50% and it will be worth less than 1.5 trillion. -150 million people

Fifty thousand Americans are now worth 5 to 6 trillion.
One hundred and fifty million Americans are worth less than 1.5 trillion.

Half of all working Americans make less than 25,000 a year and are one paycheck away from becoming homeless.
Billionaires have doubled their net-worth since 2009, while everyone else is struggling to find a way to pay for medical coverage.

Two Americas indeed.
Capital vs. Labor:
The battle has been lost, and it has been lost decisively. Workers have no say, no power, no leverage and even less dignity. As capital finds ways to reduce wages, slash benefits, and eliminate jobs, the economic situation will only get worse.

These people that sit at the stadium aren’t the 1% they are the 1% of the 1%- and they now have so much cash, that they are buying every single asset that is for sale on earth.

They own the companies we work for, the companies that produce the food we eat, and the institutions that provide the medical that we need.
They have been on a massive spending spree to purchase the land we live on (to rent it back out to us) and they are lobbying to change rules in order to purchase roads, water sources, parking meters, and politicians.

If you look at the chain, since they own both the company we work for, and the house we live in- they will cut costs at the office by reducing pay, all the while they will increase the rent. Maximizing profits afterall.

Now at some point, wealth accumulation at the very top, rolling downhill will crush everything in its path.
Has the inequality situation reached critical mass yet?

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