There's been a young reporter on the local channel I got the following from that's been doing an atrocious job of reporting on, her constant calling, 'Obamcare'. Though she isn't alone as even the national media have been butchering what was once called 'journalism' and a proud profession.

She managed yesterday to butcher reporting on the pressor speech the President gave only a few hours before. Sounding more like she visited sites and took from negative replies to build her reporting on.

Well tonights she actually talked to a couple that found exactly what Obama has been saying but still leads off with a touch of negativity:

Local couple finally finds success on Healthcare.gov

'finally finds success?'

I'd say they found more then that. It starts out like this:

Nov 15, 2013 - Bob and Janet Cubbler freely admit that they're not the most technologically savvy couple around. But when it counts, what they may be is just a little more determined than most.
What they found is in my subject title and this is it:
All numbers that really surprised him.

"I couldn't believe that this was true," he says.

The Cubblers discovered several plans from different companies on healthcare dot gov much cheaper than the option their current provider was offering them.

"I don't know about anybody else," Bob says, "but I'm more than willing to save four thousand or three thousand dollars a year."

He says the less expensive policies provide coverage as extensive as their last plan... read more>>>

They don't have the video up yet but the written is what was in.

They also had a report, hadn't even mentioned in previous, about an unemployed man seeking health care coverage. Because he's unemployed, thus no income level, he falls into the new doughnut hole of not being qualified, even for Medicaid. Because NC isn't bringing back it's residents tax monies to extend Medicaid coverage. Another first as the anchor even mentioned that. Which also means those getting coverage and tax payers will be paying more to cover at least some for the care of those uninsured and unable to be insured.

I left a reply on yesterdays report about what Obama actually said with a couple of other points, doubt that spurred todays reporting but it was the complete opposite, and more with reality, then cutting a clip to send to FOX with a resume!!

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