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Background: I'm helping my mom with her healthcare.gov application. Her account works and we were at the screen where we get a list of plans with prices as of a month or so ago.

Problem: The site calculated her subsidy amount to be $0. Per kaiser, it should be $550/month.

Previously: I contacted Live Chat and they asked me to call the 800 number. They told me the representative on the phone would be able to fix the problem.

Today: We called the phone line around 9:30 pm EST. Someone answered within seconds. So far so good, I thought. I explained the situation and she said two things:

1. Their system is down so she can't see what I'm seeing. She suggested we call back on Monday.

2. She also suggested we appeal if we don't agree with the findings.

So now what? I will call again on Monday but what will that do? Should we actually have to appeal? Is that the process for correcting what is essentially a defect?

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