Many people may think that Obama fumbled the healthcare rollout, dropped the ball, but what's going on behind the scenes tells a different story

I was reading the comments of Facebook's healthcare.gov and I came across these
Filename: ccno Wide War Room Notes 10.1.13 PM.docx meeting notes from October

Overview: On-going issues include: Experian's identify verification services, consumer notice generation, the absence of the paper application from the
website, agent-brokers struggling to get into the portal, and regional account officers
and caseworkers being unavailable.

All four landscapes are now available online.CIRT Report-Out APTC issue-
APTC issue is resolved-consumers are seeing the correct value consistently.

IRS Connection- Trusted data sources are being pinged correctly. Experian and Idenlily-Prooflng-On-going issue being supported by QSSI.PM

This pdf is a long read, but the impression I get is that there is a lot of well informed well coordinated problem solving happening very quickly.

Apparently somebody has been doing all the things we were so astonished hadn't been done that we thought were making the rollout a disaster, logging the problems, assigning rapid response teams, sharing the information about both the problem and the fix and essentially blowing away the fog of war that came as healthcare arrived.

Its looking like people are getting over the initial concern

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