2 PM is good, Sunday is great! We had a fairly big turnout for this one. The Luggage Room was ending up a private party, so they set up a table for us outside and it was a nice enough day for that. We're facing the restaurant in this shot; we're at the Del Mar Gold Line Station which once was a Southern Pacific station with a nice plaza.


L-R, Front: jakedog42, flowingone, deniserobb, mvanier and son, San FernandoValleyMom, MugWumpBlues, Dave in Northridge, susans, joemarkowitz, optimistic pizza.
Rear: Shockwave, Gay CA Democrat, otoelbc, Lisa, Richard (Mr. Lisa)

Only a couple of issues (consider this a Jewish hello, since we really did have our usual good time here). First, the long table they set up for us wasn't quite big enough for us all, and second, it was close enough to the wall that it was impossible for those of us sitting on the wall side to get up and circulate. Just like the red carpet dinner st Saladang Song in June only a little more so. Thus, we only have one exhibit of food pr0n today, a classic pizza margherita.



You can see what I mean about the wall in this picture. Wall side: Mrs. Zwenkau, joemarkowitz, SanFernandoValleyMom, your diarist, Gay CA Democrat, MugWumpBlues, Shockwave, otoelbc. Facing the wall: mvanier, josh (not a screen name because three year olds, well . . .), deniserobb, optimistic pizza, Lisa, Richard (Mr. Lisa), delphine. At the round table with their backs to us: jakedog42, susans, flowingone.


A better (well . . .) picture of the three people at the round table: susans, jakedog42, flowingone.


Richard (Mr. Lisa), Lisa and Shockwave.


Richard (Mr. Lisa), Lisa, optimistic pizza and deniserobb with her son Josh. Those are my hands in the foreground. Yes, that's beer. I only had one.

Given the demands of the holiday season (and the fact I'm probably going to spend the bulk of the month grading), there will be no December event, but our January event, which will probably be on the 18th since I'm in the Bay Area on the 11th, will commemorate the first anniversary of the Los Angeles Kossacks! It has been an, um, eventful year for me, and I hope for all of you too.

Don't forget the poll! I think I like Sunday better but don't let that sway you one way or another.


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