One of the Teabaggers' favorite buzzwords is "freedom," which they seem to generally define as having to follow as few regulations as possible. For all the noise they make about it, they seem to have grave difficulty defining its scope. Perhaps they believe, in some sort of bizarre, Ayn Rand fashion, that "less government" (which they also fail to clearly define) equals more freedom. An equivalent idea is that freedom means being able to do whatever you want, without anyone telling you that you can't. And in their state of delusion, they see nothing wrong with this*. So let me explain to them what the logical conclusions of such insane ideas include.

* - As long as said freedoms only apply to white, straight men.

If I want to be able to park my car in the middle of a busy freeway, I should have that freedom.
If someone wants to run me over in retaliation, he [sic] should have that freedom.
If I wish to respond by unloading on him with a gun about 500 times bigger than my penis, I should have that freedom.
If I want to get in his car where his wife sits and rape her, then I should have that freedom. Because, you know, she was asking for it for all kinds of reasons.
If someone else wants to join in on the carnage, he should have that freedom. He should also have the freedom to escape the tyranny of the police who attempt to restore order.

Simply put, the Teabaggers' ideal world is not based on the writings of Ayn Rand. It's based on Grand Theft Auto.

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