See ya, Maria.

I watch CNBC in the mornings at the gym. These carnival barkers are ridiculous -- a combination of right-wing idiocy and appeal to base instincts that would be hilarious if not such a poison to our system.

Maria Bartiromo, a special horror of the channel, is leaving, though.

She's been called to her spiritual home:

CNBC is losing one of its biggest stars.

Maria Bartiromo, the financial journalist known as "Money Honey," is leaving the network to join Fox. She'll mostly appear on Fox Business Network, though she'll also report for Fox News.

Her contract with CNBC, where she began working in 1993, was set to expire on Nov. 24.

I guess CNN got the bizarre and unwatchable Erin Burnett, so Murdoch has gone to claim Ms. Bartiromo.

The only thing worse out there, perhaps, than CNBC for economic and business reporting is Fox Business News, so good luck to her.

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