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People of color and women get the same lack of justice in this country. We need to recognize this. Not perpetuate it.

For some commentators to use phrases like this-

As others have smartly observed, several months ago George Zimmerman learned that he could stalk and kill a black teenager for the crime of walking down the street "without permission". George Zimmerman has now learned that you go to jail for threatening to shoot a pregnant white woman with a shotgun.
from the reccd diary-
Enough: Will George Zimmerman (Finally) Be Stripped of His Honorary Whiteness by Conservatives?     by chaunceydevegaFollow

This comment basically says we live under two justice systems in America. One that protects pregnant women and one that justifies killing young African Americans.
How wrong can the person who wrote this statement be. This is not  a "smartly observed" statement. It is a hurtful one.

We do have different justice systems in this country. One that protects whites. One that protects men. One that protects the rich. One that enables the powerful. And the minute fraction of that pie is left for the minorities, women , the poor, and the weak.

Domestic violence cases are woefully under reported and more often than not never brought though the justice system. Those that are the charges are usually dropped. This despite the fact that this is a violent crime where people are left injured and sometimes dead.

Comparing the filing of charges brought by issues of race or domestic violence is not an apt comparison. Indeed it is pitting one traditionally legally under protected group to another.
Racism got Zimmerman off of killing an innocent teenager. We here at Kos do not need to now say yeah, but god forbid you point a gun at a white woman. White women and African American women can both be hit from guns and those that hit them more often than not get off too. We need to be saying how wrong our justice system is for this person to have faced multiple DV charges and the killer of an innocent African American teenager and faced no  justice.

Zimmerman has gotten off before after being accused of hitting a woman and one that I  know of sure seemed white. What is different this time is that Zimmerman now has fame or infamy if you will. That changes how the police react to new charges.

And frankly, if police had been doing their job way back before Zimmerman ever chased down Trayvon Martin and brought Zimmerman up on charges for domestic violence maybe he would have done some jail time. Maybe he would have not been carrying a weapon. Maybe DV conviction would have been enough for police to file the charges against Zimmerman immediately after he killed Martin. Maybe the jury would have convicted Zimmerman.

And maybe if those DV convictions would have been enough to keep a gun out of Zimmerman's hand, maybe Trayvon Martin would be alive today. Just maybe.

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