When you go to the dictionary to look up the word "jerk", you will find a picture of Democratic State Rep. Tom Brower. You see, Tom has had it up to here with the homeless situation in Waikiki and has taken a proactive approach to the situation. Is he working with mental health professionals to solve the problem? Nope. Could he be lobbying for more shelters for people living on the streets? Nuh uh. Advocating drug addition and alcohol counseling? Not even close.

Tom Brower's solution is to walk around the city looking for shopping carts and people's meager possessions, which he either confiscates or bashes to smithereens with his trusty sledgehammer. You read that right.

In an interview with Hawaii News Now, Brower explained his solid reasoning.

I got tired of telling people I’m trying to pass laws. I want to do something practical that will really clean up the streets.

I find abandoned junk, specifically shopping carts, and I remove them. I also create a situation where those carts can’t be pushed around the city. I think it’s a good thing.

So let me get this straight. This idiot thinks that the homeless population of Waikiki will suddenly disappear if we take away what meager possessions these people have. The cruelty is staggering. So far he has shown his mercy by not actually running up behind a homeless person and making a quick getaway with their stuff. However, he hasn't completely ruled out the option.

Marya Grambs, Executive Director of Mental Health America of Hawaii, expressed outrage.

His message to the public is that it’s okay to commit acts of violence against homeless people, against vulnerable people. It’s okay for vigilante justice.
Hawaii News Now witnessed him in action in a local park, smashing up the cart of a freaked out Edward Ferreira.
When Hawaii News Now followed Brower through Ala Moana Brach Park, we saw him try to explain to a homeless man why he was destroying a cart "To see someone banging on stuff like that, it was very scary for me," Edward Ferreira said.

"I don't want to be threatening to anybody," Brower said. "I think it's threatening to steal things and then walk around with them like it's their own."

Somebody please call up the Hawaii Republican Party and beg them to take this guy off our hands. He has no business being in the Democratic Party. Scratch that. Vote him out of office. He has no business being anywhere near the political sphere.

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