Hello COssacks, this is your CO meetup CO-organizer El Cee, or Leftcandid for long.

The day is fast approaching: this Sunday, prior to the pugilism at the Patriots, please proceed, guvnahs & guvnahsses, to Annie's Cafe on The Ol' 'Fax--The Longest Continuous Street in the USA--at 3100 East, in central D.  We hope to see all of you there...  but we're realistic, & hope to see perhaps 10ish of you, which is the number I'm about to call Annie's with. (yes, I'll tell them 10ish.)  

In addition to the 6 RSVPs listed in our NEW DAY entry, I can add from Kosmail apca, wade norris, & Merry Light as a Maybe, but given that her issue is weather, she's lookin' good on that score as the weather of note is showin' up later tonight, with clear skies ahead for Sunday in Denver & only minimal flurries in the mountains for the drive over the Divide.  We may also meet peeps from local Drinking Liberally chapters, some of whom are Cossacks; I'm lookin' at you, RockyMtnLib.

So, who else is comin'?

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