North Charleston, SC- Uncle Samity Claus and his Blue Cell Rebel Elves will return to N. Charleston, South Carolina to challenge Walmart for another year of naughtiness on the morning of the biggest shopping day of the year with a demonstration at one of Charleston's busiest intersections, The Intersection of River's Ave. and Ashley Phosphate Road, in North Charelston, SC adjacent to the Rivers Ave. Walmart Supercenter from 9 to 11 am.

Walmart's naughtiness continues to include low wages for working families in the Lowcountry, an over-reliance on part time workers denied basic benefits, predatory pricing strategies which displace locally owned businesses in and reliance on Chinese imports which drives the off shoring of American industrial and production capacity and causes the loss high quality American Jobs.

Demonstrators will gather at 8:00 am at Denny's, at 2280 Ashley Phosphate Road, N. Charleston, SC 29406 for Breakfast before the demo. Great public transit access to this location is available on the #10 CARTA bus running between Charleston and Charleston Southern University, all along River's Ave.  Demonstrators should not park in the Walmart Parking Lot.  This demonstration will be one of over a thousand that day in the United States.

What Last Year Accomplished

Last holiday season the Blue Rebel Elves protested at five different Walmart Locations in the Charleston area, conducted a caroling party down king street signing songs like "God Rest Ye Walmart Stockholders and shut down the Port of Charleston's Wando Terminal for an hour to protest the import of garnets manufactured at a factory in Bangladesh where over 200 workers died in a fire resulting from unsafe working conditions.  As a result of this and thousands of other protest actions around the world, Walmart’s sales have fallen for three consecutive quarters.

Encouraged by international attention, including the port shutdown in Charleston, a quarter of a million Bangladeshi garment workers stages a protest which shut down the regional economy there, locked up the road networks for days and forced negotiations on an increase in pay and workplace safety improvements.  The Bangladeshi workers, who were in communication with us over the internet during the port shutdown, won a 77% pay increase.

Walmart has also been forced to launch an advertising campaign to attempt to persuade the public to ignore it’s problems and return to their stores this holiday.  

Unfortunately, Walmart has also chosen to open its stores earlier on Thanksgiving day, ruining the holiday meal for hundreds of people in the Lowcountry who work there.  America’s largest private employer has not yet learned to respect it’s workers, their families or the communities their stores operate in.

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Information on the Blue Rebel Elves and the Demonstration can be found on facebook at

You can find video of last year’s demonstrations on YouTube at
King Street Caroling http://www.youtube.com/...
#blocktheboat http://www.youtube.com/...
Protesting at Walmarthttp://youtu.be/...

The phone number for the demonstration will be (843) 870-5299.


Permission to use images found on our facebook page and video from the reference Youtube clips is granted to all media without further authorization.


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