I have been off the past 11 days, taking some vacation time I had saved up.

Have been trying to rest up from a painful sciatica condition, had a shot for the pain last week, and kind of been puttering around the house.

Checking the latest posts in my Facebook feed turned up the usual, with one exception today.

In a PC magazine report of exploding MacBook batteries, I was idly reading the comments, as I once owned one, (Apple replaced the battery for free), when I came across the following - "should happen to obozo's head."  

There it is.  Two days before the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, I see this, and it makes me angry.

To the poster - you know, I guess you feel empowered to say this, undoubtedly hid behind a fake Facebook profile, and who would report this, anyway?  Just a bit of bytes on the web, and yet this makes you feel somehow cool and powerful.  

I checked your profile.  You apparently like Edward Snowden.  Good for you.  Does that give you the right to wish that President Obama's head would explode like a MacBook battery?

I hate to break this to you, but it doesn't.  As a response to your vile words, I messaged you by saying expect a visit by the Secret Service.  

You immediately responded - saying you weren't afraid.

A story from my past may be reason for you to think before you post anything like this again.

I attended an early rally for then Senator a Obama in Philadelphia in 2007.  I noticed what seemed to me a lack of checking people as they entered the rally.  After the rally was over, I called the 800 number for the Secret Service.  I was startled when a person answered.  I expressed my concerns to the agent, and they said, (paraphrasing now - this was a while ago) "what makes you think that we did not take all measures necessary to protect the senator?"  

I said, well, thank you and hung up.

To the "person" that commented this, do you think you are truly "anonymous" on the web?  You think that Facebook would protect you if the Secret Service filed a request for all information on your profile?  

If you answered yes to these questions, then your life will be interesting.  Very interesting.

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