it's kind of sad to watch how easily they are running this ship

a false equivalency of pretty extreme proportions took place on the hypocrisy allegation against democrats anyways seeing as it’s hardly ever that simple. Look in 2005 democrats (and I was there) were trying to block extraordinary examples from the GOP that were not qualified to do their jobs. Since 2008 the GOP has filibustered more of Barack Obama’s nominations then all of the other presidents combined. Weigh them together. A few EXTREMIST blocked and the threat of a GOP nuclear option, vs the GOP filibustering more nominations then every president in history combined and without a rhyme or a reason. Do you know why they won’t allow those nominations? Beats me!

OH WAIT! I know!
OH WAIT! SHIT! I forgot! I DO know! it’s because they don’t want barack obama to succeed in ANYTHING because it will trash the republican brand. Shit. how easily I forget.

it’s almost TOO HARD to remember these people are insane.

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