He was talking about Harry Reid saying the Senate isn't working, and claimed that this was Harry Reid's fault.  He then went on to say that the Senate hasn't passed a single appropriations bill, and that not a single appropriations bill has even gotten out of the Appropriations Committee, and that Harry Reid is the reason.  THIS IS A BARE-FACED LIE!

In fact, the following appropriations bills have been reported out by the Senate Appropriations Committee on the following dates:

Agriculture: 6/20/13
Military/Veterans: 6/20/13
Energy & Water: 6/27/13
Transportation/HUD: 6/27/13
Labor/HHS/Education: 7/11/13
Legislative Branch: 7/11/13
Commerce/Justice Science: 7/18/13
Homeland Security: 7/18/13
Financial Services: 7/25/13
State/Foreign Operations: 7/25/13
Defense: 8/1/13

That constitutes all of the ordinary appropriations bills other than Interior/Environment, which also hasn't been reported out by the House Appropriations Committee. (The House Appropriations Committee also hasn't reported out a Labor/HHS/Education appropriations bill.)

It's true that none of these bills has passed the Senate itself, but Harry Reid isn't the reason. Senate Republicans are the reason.  The first appropriations bill to reach the floor was the Transportation/HUD bill.  It had been reported out of the Senate Appropriations Committee with a bipartisan majority of 22-8.  But when Democrats brought it to the floor, the Republicans filibustered it.  And when Democrats sought to invoke cloture, the cloture motion failed by a vote of 54-43 on August 1, 2013 (with 60 being required to invoke cloture).  Interestingly enough, the only Republican to vote for cloture was Susan Collins.  There are 16 Democrats and 14 Republicans on the Senate Appropriations Committee, meaning that the bill had been approved by the Appropriations Committee with the support of 6 Republicans, which means that 5 Republican members of the Appropriations Committee who had supported the bill in committee voted against cloture. Had those 5 Republicans voted for cloture, the vote would have been 59-38. With it being that close, Mary Landrieu (who wasn't present for the vote) would have made sure to be there and would have, along with all other Democrats, voted for cloture.  (McCain and Inhofe also weren't present for the vote on cloture, but their votes wouldn't have made any difference.)

The status of the various bills can be seen here (with clicks on the appropriate links to see further details): http://thomas.loc.gov/...

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