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It was 20 degrees at dawn in Northwest Oregon. Another Autumn is sliding away. I try to focus on the world around me, to avoid sinking in my own thoughts. Below the frozen orange worms, I digress further.

I carried binoculars to the golf course yesterday, where it was briefly 45 degrees at 2 pm.  I was able to see those are flickers whose white tail feathers flash from the trees.

Dang, the red tail hawk couple look huge when magnified.  If I were a vole, looking up at two hawks scanning the ground from a branch, the hawks would seem big as trees themselves, bristling with claw and beak.  Where's my burrow?

I came up on the buffleheads from behind the cattails, and got within 20 yards, before they spooked and flew 200 yards away, to the distant corner of the lake.

Where are the pictures?  My question is, how did I lose the camera battery in the 10 feet between where the camera's sitting, and where the empty battery charger is plugged in?

I am apparently in the Autumn of my short term memory.

And that's all I can remember at the moment, So now it's your turn.

"Green Diary Rescue" is Back!

After a hiatus of over 1 1/2 years, Meteor Blades (bless his heart) has revived his excellent series.  As MB explained, this weekly diary is a "round-up with excerpts and links... of the hard work so many Kossacks put into bringing matters of environmental concern to the community... I'll be starting out with some commentary of my own on an issue related to the environment, a word I take in its broadest meaning."

"Green Diary Rescue" will be posted every Saturday at 1:00 pm Pacific Time on the Daily Kos front page.  Be sure to recommend and comment in the diary.

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