They say those of us who question the Warren Commission official finding that OSWALD ACTED ALONE are crazy, creepy Conspiracy Theorists.  They say it's CT, because "extreordinary claims require extraordinary evidence".  Guess what?  I agree.  Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

Posted below is the WikiPedia entry on the Single-Bullet Theory.  If one accepts the findings of the Warren Commission, it follows that one MUST accept the Single-Bullet Theory as fact.  There is no other possible forensic explanation that covers the evidence and events of that day if one is to believe that Oswald acted alone.

I believe that the Single-Bullet Theory represents ann extraordinary claim.  Where's the extraordinary evidence that CT debunkers are usually so quick to demand?  50 years later, and still nowhere in sight.

from WikiPedia:

The theory, generally credited to Warren Commission staffer Arlen Specter (later a United States Senator from Pennsylvania), posits that a single bullet, known as "Warren Commission Exhibit 399" (also known as "CE 399"), caused all the wounds to the governor and the non-fatal wounds to the president (seven entry/exit wounds in total).

According to the single-bullet theory, a three-centimeter (1.2″)-long copper-jacketed lead-core 6.5-millimeter rifle bullet fired from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository passed through President Kennedy’s neck and Governor Connally’s chest and wrist and embedded itself in the Governor’s thigh. If so, this bullet traversed 15 layers of clothing, 7 layers of skin, and approximately 15 inches of tissue, struck a necktie knot, removed 4 inches of rib, and shattered a radius bone. The bullet was found on a gurney in the corridor at the Parkland Memorial Hospital, in Dallas, after the assassination. The Warren Commission found that this gurney was the one that had borne Governor Connally. This bullet became a key Commission exhibit, identified as CE 399. Its copper jacket was completely intact.


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