A package arrived yesterday from Portland, Oregon.   I carefully opened the package as I knew it contained precious cargo.   What I did not know is how much this cargo would mean to me and how much it would radiate love.   For all the silver threads and golden needles in the world, there is only one quilt like mine, just like there is only one in the world for those who have received such a precious gift.

I want the people to know on Daily Kos.. You are my people.  You are more than friends.
You are family..Actually stronger than some family.  I have maybe a different take on the quilt woven with love.  I sat down with that quilt and thought long and hard about it.
I thought of the diary that went up to get the messages.   I thought of the fabric that had to be ordered..I thought of the folks leaving personal messages for me.  I thought of the handwriting all painstakingly done with precise movements of the hand.  I thought of the piecing to complete the topping  and the colors picked.  I thought of the cost.  i always think of cost so that one thought was right in there.   I thought of a price far beyond monetary costs.  I thought of piecing together a living memorial and it was to me.   I did not feel deserving for such a work of art.  I ran my fingers over the peace and love design and touched each message and a tear slid down my face as an overwhelming sense of calm rushed through my body.

I thought of the time and patience and craftmanship that went into making this fine quilt.  I read each message over and over.  I had Sierra ( my 8 year old ) crawl up under the quilt as she too touched each message.   I laid wrapped in the quilt until bedtime and she and I carried it to the bed.   My thoughts raced forward.   I hope much forward into the future because I see this quilt in a light maybe some do not see it.
I see as I said, a living memorial.  The flowers of coral and pink adorn me right to my soul.   My Mother always said to give flowers while one was living....I know exactly how that really feels.   I sent this letter to Sara and Ann.  I want to share it with you all.
It is how I will treat this quilt from this day forward...not just as a warming, healing bit of magic but something more.

I will write a diary soon of that beautiful quilt of love that I received today but must tell you....it is overwhelming to receive a memorial or living love letter that one can wrap themselves in.   It brought tears to my eyes.  I knew the painstaking patience, the beauty and the love that goes into them, I just did not know how it would calm and soothe.  I tear up every time I touch it.  I probably see it differently doing what I do.   It is the highest award I have ever received and that includes dining with VP Gore.   I feel it is much like the flag that is draped upon our fine men and women returning home for the final time.  It is an honor for what one tries to accomplish.    I feel it is a living monument of love and never expect to receive anything as beautiful as this ever again...it will be something different  someday, and I hope no where in the near future  but I will request to have draped over me when I walk on and then passed to my Sierra.   She is the one who knows me best of my children.   I have never ever felt I deserved such beauty but mighty glad you all thought I needed it..I never knew how much.  This is my inheritence to my children... It is a reminder of what I try to do and it is appreciation for my passion.   This is my prize and I cherish it.  We need to encourage more quilts and more support because there is only one in the world that is tailored made for each individual and a lifetime achievement award could not possibly feel this grand because human hands and hearts given expression is what it actually is.  

Love always,


I don't know how to say Thank you any more than I have because Thank you does not quite seem enough.   You are my people.  I love you.

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