This is a republication of the original diary in hopes of getting more eyes.

Come join fellow Kossacks on Sunday, November 24th for a couple of hours of fun and companionship at Annie's cafe (http://www.annies-cafe.com/), at Colfax and St. Paul in Denver.  Some of you may be familiar with this location as it's where Drinking Liberally East meets.  Please RSVP to the diary to let us know who can come as well as so we can let Annie's know how many to expect.  We'll start our gathering at noon, and go for as long as people are having fun.  The Bronco's game isn't till 6:30 PM, so you won't have to choose between us.

I personally think it will be fun to discuss the results of this past election as well as find out who might already be participating in issues and elections for 2014.  I also intend to talk with people about community interests, including pooties, woozles (we've had a change), gardens and outdoors activities that might be of interest.  We're not just about politics, after all.

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