After weeks of reading the recipe diaries by side pocket, Chrislove and bastrop, I thought I would submit my own. Up to the attic I went, plying through boxes of old family recipes. We’ve all seen the mad skills of Chrislove with his fancy fusion foods and side pocket’s turning of dirt and manure into organic vegetables; the pressure is on to find a family classic that can compare.

I found many recipes that had been passed down for generations but I wanted something special, something that would make people go “Wow!” We wouldn’t want people to cast aspersions on my family asparagus recipe. Nothing seemed to meet the standards, until finally in the last box stuck to the bottom I found the perfect submission for a chilly winter night.

Follow me below steamy wisp of orange to learn more…

Grandma Plumber’s Boiled Water


4 - cups of fresh tap water (frozen water is not recommended for this recipe, but can be used in an emergency).


Carefully measure water, and then add to a 2-quart pan.

Use quality ingredients for best results.
Heat over medium heat, stirring occasionally.
Warning: Flames can be hot.
Remove from heat when the water begins to bubble and steam.
Careful not to burn or allow to stick to the bottom of the pan.
Season to taste, then serve hot.

Serves 4

"Wow dad! This is better than grandma used to make."
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