Fountain Wharf, on Charleston, South Carolina's historic harbor, will serve as the headquarters of the Lowcountry #Getcovered Surge Center
Charleston, SC- The Affordable Care act has a home in Charleston, SC.

The Lowcountry #getcovered Surge Center will operate Dec. 2 to 13, 2013, Weekdays from 9am-5pm at 360 Concord St Charleston, SC 29401, Fountain Walk (Next to the SC Aquarium).

Thanks to the efforts of the Charleston Chapter of the South Carolina Progressive Network, a new downtown office near the aquarium will open to help people enroll in an affordable health insurance plan.

The Lowcountry #Getcovered Surge Center will serve as a headquarters for open enrollment assistance under the Affordable Care Act in the SC Lowcountry.  Certified Navigators will be equipped with internet connected work stations that will allow them to access to use the now fully functional www.healthcare.gov

The SC Progressive Network, a member of the Health Insurance Education Cooperative, will coordinate navigation efforts at the Surge Center.  Healthcare consumers should call the center to set up a navigation appointment.  Walk-in clients are welcome, but might need to wait for help.

The Surge Center was established with the intent of providing Charlestonians with increased access to Affordable Care Act navigators,  who can help guide individuals and small-business owners in their pursuit of lower cost health insurance.

On nights and weekends, when the center is not open, mobile navigation and outreach teams will be available to provide education and navigation services.  These units will operate with mobile Internet equipment.

All Affordable Care Act navigation and education services are available to public at no charge. The SC Progressive Network is a coalition of healthcare, social justice, fair housing, and other community organizations working to improve the living conditions of all South Carolinians.

For More information contact:
Healthcare Navigation Leadership
Loreen Myerson (843) 475-2859
Health Insurance Education Cooperative-
SC Progressive Network, State Office, Columbia, SC (803) 445-1921
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/...
Download Printable Flyer https://drive.google.com/...


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