Ok so I am not really an old Uncle Scrooge at heart, but every year it keeps getting harder and harder to maintain that " peace on earth goodwill toward men thing" going..

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First off, I seem to remember as a kid never seeing a Christmas ad until after Thanksgiving!  This year I was just putting the kids costumes away for Halloween when the first Christmas ads for Wal Mart came across our TV screen.   I mean c'mon give me a break.  Do we have to have all the holidays blend into one?  Does it have to be one continual consumer spending frenzy?   I am sorry, but I, for one, am just not into the Christmas mood right after Halloween, that's just a little scary on a number of levels..

I'll tell you what, the earlier  corporate America tries to shove Christmas down our throats, the harder it is for me to get in the spirit.  It just ticks me off, and I stay ticked off the whole season.  I don't really want to get started on moving "Black Friday" to Thanksgiving...that is just the subject of a whole different diary. Suffice it to say, it is pretty symptomatic of the disease.

I have spent the Christmas season in my wife's native country of Colombia.  They celebrate Christmas all December long.  In her birth city of Cali they have the feria which is a big week long celebration featuring music and dance.  Many families pray together the 9 nights before Christmas...I am not a particularly religious guy, but it seems to me a lot better way to celebrate the birth of Christ.  


Really I don't want to be an old Uncle Scrooge, but seeing that Wal-Mart ad right after Halloween just put me in a sour mood.  I'll snap out of it, spend time with my family and oh wait I have to go, my daughter is bugging me about a toy she saw on TV!


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