Yep, you heard me...a very disgusting excuse of a Judge called a 13-year-old "predatory" after she was raped by a 41 year-old man. Just all because she had huge tits.

 What it with men assuming that huge tits equals maturity and sexual prowess?

 This just hits so many sore spots with me.

   Especially since I was one of those girls who hit puberty very early at the age of 9 years old after I got my first period then. I actually had quite the developed breasts for somebody of that age, yet I was still playing with barbie dolls and liked to watch girly cartoons that featured sparkly magical girls in pink who saved the world on a regular basis.

  This brings to mind a very disturbing story that my mom shared with me years later when I was 17. Afterwards when I started to develop at a very young age, my mom started to notice that there was older teenage boys and men who would often stare at me.

 Because of my early development, I didn't look like I was only nine going on ten. Instead, I looked like a 14 year old girl who were short for her age. So It was probably natural that I would attract the attention of older teens who didn't realize my real age. all they were focused on, were my breasts instead of my actual age.

  It worried my mom, though... because I was utterly oblivious to the attention that I was getting. I had my attention focused on childish things instead like how to get my grandma get me a new barbie doll that would be even better than the one my best friend had. Just so that I could have a new toy to brag about.

  She worried that I wouldn't know what to do if some creep gave me unwanted attention because of my breasts... and moreso espeically because I was deaf. She did her best in educating me about things like stranger danger, what to do if somebody attempted to molest me. that sort of thing.

  one day her worst fears were realized when I had been staying over at a friend's house playing on the Super Nintendo games. I had just turned ten then.
  My friend's parents had to step out for a few seconds to get groceries and other things. So they asked the neighbor's teenage boy if he could watch us for a second. He had been around 17 at the time.

   To make a unpleasant story short, The basic gist is that he had heard the joke about how deaf girls don't say no... and he took one look at my body. He knew my real age, but didn't really care about that. All he cared was that I looked like a hot teenage girl and that he was horny as hell.

 He kept on trying to pressure me into doing it with him, which made me feel really uncomfortable and upset. It came to the point that he actually attempted to force himself on me, but I actually stabbed him with a fork instead on his hand/lower arm. He got angry and knocked me around... and at this point my friend's parents came home. My friend had been an witness to the whole thing, but had been too afraid to do anything until her parents came home.

  Needless to say... the lawyers and the teenage boy's father all tried to blame it on the fact that I had a "promiscuous-looking body", whatever the hell that meant.

 I was dressed properly for somebody my age, but that didn't matter... because I had large tits when I shouldn't had them in the first place. Oy.

 It saddens me to know that such a immature mentality in the courthouse hasn't still changed. So the size of breasts apparently still signals how promiscuous you are? Gee, really?

 I already signed this petition to get that judge fired for using such ridiculous, victim-blaming logic.please sign it too if you are against this kind of excuse.

Originally posted to Aurora Moon on Sun Nov 24, 2013 at 12:29 AM PST.

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