This is a topic I hate to writer about, but this is interesting.

I rarely watch any of the morning talk shows, but this morning I caught Steve Kornacki.  Brian Schweitzer was on.

The topic was about the attraction of governors running for President.  Both Walker and Christie were mentioned.  Schweitzer made the point that governors have to accomplish things and don't have the gridlock of DC.  He then pointed out that. Christie has some of the highest taxes and highest unemployment rates in the country and he is a bully.  Walker's record is not much better and he has ordered the arrests of people.  Neither has a compelling story to take to the nation.  In other words, he was a laying out the obvious attacks on both possible Republican nominees.

It sounded to me that he was thinking about 2016.

Kornacki did not ask him, but one of the panel members asked him what his plans are for 2016.

Schweitzer said that he has plans to visit all 100 counties in Iowa.

 Some thoughts about this

If Clinton runs, I think she gets the nomination.

Schweitzer is a compelling candidate and he has time to make important contacts over the next couple of years if Clinton does not run.  

I think a lot of people are going to be running for her nominee.  The question will be  who her running mate will be.  This person will be important given Clinton's age.  

Imagine a Clinton-Schweitzer ticket.  

What do you think?

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