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This diary is an update to my previous diary. Horizon called. They got her enrollment information and her card is on the way!

Don't know what I'm talking about? Here's a brief summary.

My mom had employer provided garbage insurance (hosp. stays limited to 10 days per year) which was deemed unaffordable by ACA and they were pulling it as of Dec 31 2013 anyway...

She isn't Medicare eligible yet (that happens in 2015) so needed affordable coverage for 2014 and the first half (about) of 2015.

I tried to sign her up in early October. Healthcare.gov was a mess back then. My first attempts to create accounts failed. When I finally got an account created and got through identity verification and landed on a list of plans... there was no subsidy available to her. None. Zero. Her HHI was in the 250-300% of FPL range and 9.5% of that was well over the premiums she was being asked to pay for the 2nd lowest silver plan. So clearly, something was wrong.

The media at this time was saturated in "Healthcare.gov is a fucking mess" coverage. Everyone from that dickwad Hannity to Mr. et tu Jon Stewart was in on it.

I decided to not try for a while.

Until last weekend. I created yet another gmail account (thanks, Google) and created yet another account on healthcare.gov (thanks, federal contractors and tech surge dudes/dudettes). The site worked like a charm. Bada bing bada boom, I was in. Subsidy amounts? As expected!


So exactly one week ago, I enrolled her in a silver plan which saves her about $150/month on premiums.

And a few hours ago, one week after initial enrollment on Healthcare.gov, Horizon Blue Cross of New Jersey called to let her know her file is copasetic and she'll be getting her insurance card in the mail shortly!

At this point, I'm willing to declare this battle won.

To all the Healthcare.gov and ACA naysayers, FUCK YOU. We won. You lost. Go home.

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