Your opinion of what constitutes "Good TV" may differ from mine.  In fact, it should.  But I don't believe for a second that you good folks here won't consider this presentation to be "Good TV".  In fact, I'm betting that you're going to think that this is something that all of America should see.  Would I steer you wrong?  Of course not.  I've never lied to you before and I'm not going to start now.

Do you like at least some of what PBS airs?  Yes?  Good!

Check out what's going on, where you can find it, and what time to watch this - below the Fleur De Kos.

The series FRONTLINE is airing a presentation titled "A Death in St. Augistine" on PBS this week.  Your local station may or may not air it immediately.  The very BEST place to check when it is showing in your area is THIS WEBSITE - which is the FRONTLINE website.  Once you get there, click on the "Schedule" tab and the site will tell you when your local station is airing this program.  I get to see it at 10 PM Tuesday, Nov. 26, 2013 - tonight.  Some of you may have to wait until Wednesday or later, as I believe that airing the show becomes less expensive for smaller stations if they wait a day or two.

WHY should you watch it?  Probably because it tells about an incredible series of events surrounding the death of a woman by gunfire.  Which was ruled a suicide.  But many people are questioning if it WAS a suicide.  Even the New York Times is in on this one, folks.  The NYT piece I've linked here is titled "Two Gunshots On a Summer Night - A Deputy‚Äôs Pistol, a Dead Girlfriend, a Flawed Inquiry".  Caution, a video plays automatically when you get there.  It lasts only about 15 seconds.

This needs to be seen.  By you, by me, by all of America.  FRONTLINE is known for fair handling of the facts.  The facts here stink to High Heaven, and I say that as an atheist - so you know I'm serious.  If you care about violence against women, corruption in police departments, and/or gun violence in America - WATCH THIS!

Please click the link to the FRONTLINE website that I provided just above and hit the tab marked "Schedule" for what should be your local broadcast listing.  If you're disappointed, I'll refund your ticket price.


My thanks to Kossack Claudius Bombarnac, who was kind enough to find and post a DIRECT LINK to the program, so you don't have to wait or use the TV if you don't want to.  

Originally posted to Celtic Merlin's Cauldron on Mon Nov 25, 2013 at 11:08 PM PST.

Also republished by Police Accountability Group.

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