PPP has some more terrible news for Governor Tom Corbett (R. PA):


Tom Corbett's situation has gone from bad to worse in the eight months since PPP last polled Pennsylvania. Corbett is now the most unpopular Governor anywhere in the country that we've polled, with only 24% of voters approving of him to 65% who disapprove. It's gotten to the point where Corbett's numbers are even upside down with Republicans, only 37% of whom approve of him with 51% disapproving.

Corbett already trailed his potential Democratic opponents by 7 to 11 points in March but those deficits have increased to 12-20 points now. He trails Jack Wagner by 20 (50/30), John Hanger by 19 (51/32), Rob McCord by 19 (50/31), Allyson Schwartz by 15 (48/33), Katie McGinty by 15 (47/32), Ed Pawlowski by 12 (45/33), and Tom Wolf by 12 (44/32). All of the Democrats win at least 23% of the Republican vote, and take independents by at least 22 points.

There's not much doubt Republicans would be better off with a different candidate. We also tested Schwartz in hypothetical match ups with GOP Congressmen Jim Gerlach and Mike Kelly. Despite each having only around 30% name recognition statewide, they each do 7 points better in a head to head than Corbett. Gerlach trails 39/31 and Kelly has a 41/33 deficit. Corbett has poisoned the well enough for Republicans that they'd start out at a disadvantage even with a different candidate, but they'd at least be in a range where they might be able to come back. - PPP, 11/26/13
PPP surveyed 693 Pennsylvania voters, including an oversample of 491 usual Republican primary voters and 436 Democratic primary voters, from November 22nd to 25th. The margin of error for the overall survey is +- 3.7%, +-4.4% for the GOP sample, and +/-4.7% for the Democratic portion. PPP’s surveys are conducted through automated telephone interviews.

PPP's poll also shows that 47% of Republican voters want some else to be their candidate.  Only 42% of Republican voters want him to be the nominee.  Now in terms of the Democratic Primary, Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz (D. PA-13) continues to be the frontrunner, getting 21%.  State Auditor Jack Wagner gets 17%, State Treasurer Rob McCord get 10%, former EPA heads Katie McGinty gets 8% and John Hanger gets 4%.  Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski gets 4% and Tom Wold, JoEllen Litz and Max Myers each get 2%.  So Pennsylvania remains one of the top races to go blue next year.  Democrats just need to figure out who their best candidate is to go up against Corbett next year.  Stay tuned.

UPDATE: The Pennsylvania Democratic Party had a new link comparing Corbett to the Saturday Night Live Weekend Update character Drunk Uncle.  Click here to check it out and share it:


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