I came across this online the other day and wondered what the good folks on DKos might have to say about it, or had any further knowledge of the truth of this.

I Put My Words in Pope Francis' Mouth

Is it the case that the Pope's words were misquoted or badly paraphrased?  Or is this a conservative spin on things to try to blunt his intent?

Sorry for the short diary, but this caught my attention, and with two other "Pope Francis" diaries up on the site right now, it seemed timely to put this out there.

Edit - see below for some text from the link:

Edit to add text from the site, so people know what I'm talking about --

Italian journalist Eugenio Scalfari admits now that not only did he not record his interview with Pope Francis, nor take notes, but he re-phrased the Pope’s comments in his own words.
   In a meeting with the journalists of the Foreign Press Association of Rome, Scalfari maintained that all his interviews have been conducted without a recording device, nor taking notes while the person is speaking.

    “I try to understand the person I am interviewing, and after that, I write his answers with my own words,” Scalfari explained.

    He conceded that it is therefore possible that “some of the Pope’s words I reported were not shared by Pope Francis.”

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