On Tuesday, 11/26/2013, msnbc aired a segment on Morning Joe called "Obama’s ‘overreach’ and future of fracking" which touted the success of fracking and presented the possibility of renewable energy as not being feasible for several decades.

The segment can be seen here:

The Morning Joe segment started with coverage of an Op-Ed by Stuart Stevens, Romney's former campaign strategist, but quickly evolved into a one-sided discussion of fracking and renewable energy, which praised the growth of fossil fuels, supported the Keystone XL Pipeline, and ridiculed the feasibility of renewable energy sources for the next few decades.

While it is not surprising Joe Scarborough always takes the pro fossil fuel side of any discussion, neither his co-host Mika nor any of his guests offered balance to the discussion and merely nodded in agreement for the majority of the conversation.

One-sided media coverage is one of the reasons the public is not more aware of the dangers of fracking and natural gas production in the US, and both sides of the issue should be presented in any intelligent discussion of fracking and renewable energy.

There is also a petition on moveon.org to ask the producers to provide more balanced coverage of fracking vs. renewables, which probably won't lead to anything of consequence, but it might get their attention if it has enough support.

Below is link to the petition:

Tell Morning Joe Producers represent both sides of the Fracking vs. Renewable Energy Issue

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