So if anyone has been following the story of Dayna Morales and "Tipgate", yeah it's officially a scandal...Dayna was evidently stiffed by a family who liked her service but didn't want to support her lifestyle; aka "gays scare me and I'm probably a lousy tipper anyway".  So the folks over at NBC 4 NYC were contacted by the family who claims that Dayna is lying, because they are very tolerant folks who are just outraged that someone would purposely lie about something to get some press.  So Brynn Gingras swoops in and gets to the bottom of this ugly business.  You can view the excellent (sarcasm) reporting below.  This was posted on Facebook and some of my friends there are a bit on the right wing crazy zealot side.  I noticed right away from the embedded screen shot that this story had more to it than meets the eye.

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