By now, most of us know that the disgusting, racist, disgraced, hypocritical, pseudo-intellectual Dinesh D’Souza (whom I conflated with Jerome Corsi as “Darvish Corsica” in Aldus Shrugged, and ripped to shreds), tweeted and deleted:

"I am thankful this week when I remember that America is big enough and great enough to survive Grown-up Trayvon in the White House"
As stated in the linked article,
I won’t waste time on the bio of the acerbic conservative who has made sport of criticizing President Obama and questioning his loyalty to the United States.
Agreed.  However, the troll is defending himself by stating that the liberals are persecuting him with feigned outrage (wow, that is a sad old saw), and that his tweet was justified because Obama compared himself to Trayvon Martin.  Hmm, I wonder why he would delete it then?

I have personal emails from this disgusting, lying clown, D’Souza, from years ago when he blogged on aol, and I was too naïve to be a Kossack.  In one blog, he stated that Clarence Thomas had “left the plantation”.  I was a brand new commenter on aol, and one of my first posts was to tell D’Souza that he is a racist.

He responded to me, a brand new commenter, in personal emails, that I was the type who saw racism in everything.  He also wrongly stated that since there was far less miscegenation in the West Indies than in the United States, blacks in the West Indies are darker, yet more successful, than American black folks.  He was obviously making a case for American black people having some sort of problem, but he was desperately trying to say it was not due to color or shade.  He defended that statement by telling me there was much scholarship on the issue, and his included links that supposedly backed up his point, were all links to his own writings!!!

In another comment I told him that it was “amazing that Stanford keeps him on the rolls.”
He responded to me with yet another private aol email, which said, “don’t you mean roles? LOL.”  Has the little man never heard of “payroll”??  Wow, he fancies himself a scholar and wants so badly to be relevant.

I will conclude by cursing him out some more to myself, and stating that perhaps he is right:  Obama could possibly be a grown up Trayvon Martin.  Yes, in my mind, perhaps Trayvon, or Trayvon’s own future son or daughter, could have grown up to be the second or third or fourth black president of the United States.  Sadly, we will never know, will we?

My dad always taught me that my religion, the Jewish religion, specifically preaches against taking a life, because when you kill another person, you also kill all of that person’s potential descendants, and you will never know what you have potentially done.  You will never know how badly you may have deprived the world.

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