Today's 700 Club revealed yet another instance of how the religious right has poisoned our discourse.  

On today's "Bring It On!" segment, "Kimberly" told Pat Robertson that a few years ago, she'd invited one of her neighbors to crash at her place after his father kicked him out.  It turned out he was a Muslim who kept to the schedule of praying to Allah while staying with her.  One night, she felt a "demonic presence" and felt compelled to tell her neighbor to leave.  She's felt apprehensive about it since then, and wondered if only extending charity to other Christians would violate Matthew 25:45-46's command to help those in need.  Robertson seemed to indicate that she was right to kick him back out because he had brought an "unclean spirit" into her house.  Watch for yourself,and pile up the dislikes.  The relevant question starts at the 2:09 mark.

Robertson said that while he doesn't know the specifics of the situation, you shouldn't offer hospitality to someone who is "worshiping some sort of a demonic presence then that will pervade your home."  And yet, "Kimberly" says that the guy was very polite while staying with her, and wasn't being disruptive in any way.  If he was being disruptive, like praying really loudly at all hours, it would have been a different ball game.

So let's get this straight.  In Robertson's world, it's remotely acceptable not to open your home to someone just because he or she believes differently from you.  That, ladies and gentlemen, is yet another reason why our country is so divided--we have a significant segment of the population that's been taught to believe merely sitting and talking with those who think differently from you is verboten.

(h/t to People for the American Way)

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