In 2012,the population of Fresno,California was around 500,000.Imagine waking up one morning and the newsperson says every Man, Woman, and child has been murdered in Fresno.Our Nation would never be the same.
The Huffington Posts says 500,000 civilians have been killed in Iraq since 2003.Iraq is a religious country made up of three main sects.The busiest killers are the Sunni are Shi"a sect.They have the same God but can"t agree on who their Spirtural leader should be.They REALLY don't like foreign people like Americans, When our troops arrived and until we left,over 4,600 American heroes died for us.September 11,2001 will
forever be the day of horror when Osama killed over 3,000 of our neighbors.You know the rest of the story. The tragedy is the appalling lack of knowing a history of Iraq by President Cheney (Bush? really?) and Vice President Wolfowitz.THEY  knew there were no weapons of mass destruction and Osama probably was in Pakistan or Afghanistan.They
also put our heroes in the middle of a Religous war.Thousands of people are killing each other in Iraq right now.
I believe we could have contained Sadam. He was evil but not stupid. Osama hated Sadam and everyone n the intelligence world knew it.Going after Osama was just and proper.
His followers now have spread like a Cancer in several countries.They are smaller and more technical now.A suitcase is a fear now,it could come from this country.
Cheney and his crowd should feel ashamed and stop  trying to justify their lies. They are drenched in blood. Republicans should pay more attention to who they want to lead them. We may be in Afghanistan forever. We have been in Korea since 1951.Our soldiers still die there on occasion but not on the level I fear in the sandbox of Hell.


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