Given that surviving a major holiday is often a major accomplishment, especially for those who have health issues to cope with, it's understandable that no one was really in the mood to write something serious and educational for KosAbility today. So....

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let's just share the good, the bad, and the ugly about surviving Thanksgiving this year. The strategies you employed to keep up, keep peace, keep the turkey from drying out. Anybody accidentally set fire to anything? I personally managed to avoid that this year...

And secondarily, one of the charming characteristics of Thanksgiving is that you're barely over it when the time to prepare for Christmas is upon you. Plans, problems, and interesting family stories might be appropriate here.

I'll kick it off:
My lovely husband and I spent a month rearranging furniture, cleaning the house, stocking the groceries. We, my brother-in-law, and my cousin spent four days chopping, mixing, marinating and dry-rubbing, The meal was delicious, and after the guests left and we cleaned up, we collapsed in self-congratulations about how well it went. Then it hit us- there were only 2 guests- my mother-  and father-in-law. All of that and it took 4 of us to pull off a meal for 6? Clearly, we missed a trick or three...

Your thoughts?

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