Hope everyone had a loverly Thanksgiving, and all are safe, healthy, and happy.  That isn't too much to hope for, on the first Moondai of December, is it?

The standard rules apply:
1. Be nice to each other.
2. No trolling the diary; we deal harshly with trolls if pushed.
3. If you hate pootie diaries, leave now...no harm, no foul.
4. Share any and all pootie/woozle photos or issues that you would like to. When it comes to problems, we may just have someone with experience who can help.
5. Whatever happens in the outer blog STAYS in the outer blog. This is a place to relax and play...please treat it accordingly.
6. Also, there is no such thing as stealing a photo around here, all are offered with love and may be borrowed with just as much love.
Just think of me as the No Drama Mama for the day.  Enjoy!!

Panda baby, the holidays are comin'!
panda photo: holidays panda-2.gif

Birdies know it......
 photo http3A2F2F25mediatumblrcom2F1e08df7eae1243cb7696bcfec62e68232Ftumblr_mrumvnEAky1rvmaqmo1_500_zps5c04fdad.jpg

They even sing about it!
 photo Aaaaamen_zps93ef7077.png

Not everybody is ready to go out in The Big Whirl.....
don't leab me no walls or ceiling! photo Dontleebmealone_zps0373b7df.jpg

It helps to have a friend along...
Don't Cry Big Boy photo Itsokbigboy_zps900e4223.jpg

Especially for those holiday shopping trips...
Has a money. What I do wif it? photo Hasamoneh_zpsa9b4757c.jpg

You never know what the weather will do.....
Has snow. photo Ihassnow_zps2626584c.jpg
SNERW! photo ermagerdsnerw_zpscb5e8fb1.jpg

Just behave yourselves out there!
hooligans. photo hooligans_zps171eccc2.jpg

Keep an eye out for bargains....
 photo l9m9_zps7a556c66.jpg

Don't forget to "try before you buy"....
 photo Hedeghogcalamity_zps9715a733.jpg

Especially that party outfit!
 photo GentlemanTortoise_zpsa0f03874.jpg

Remember to pick up something for the kids...
 photo cuteness_zps70a3de06.jpg

Don't stray too far...
 photo damnyougooglemaps_zpsa2d0dea4.jpg

and remember to come home when you're tired out...
egg-zawsted photo eggzawsted_zps007adb5a.png

Sofa unnerstands me. photo Maisofa_zps5d42caad.jpg

Take good care of yourselves, Pootie Peeps....and be kind to each other this holiday season.  It takes so little to make such a big difference!

smoochies, snorffles, scritchies and purrs,
Marti and HisLordshipOfSnooze

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