Early last month, I wrote about top GOP and Mitt Romney donors in Georgia disgusted by the Tea Party candidates running for Senator Saxby "Chicken Hawk" Chambliss' (R. GA) Senate seat that they decided to back Michelle Nunn (D. GA), daughter of Senator Sam Nunn (D. GA) and CEO of the charity Points of Light:


Well the GOP and the Tea Party just got another royal kick in the balls:


Points of Light CEO Michelle Nunn speaks at the launch of A Billion + Change, a national campaign to mobilize billions of pro bono and skills-based service resources by 2013, at a ceremony on Capitol Hill on Thursday, Nov. 3, 2011 in Washington.  (Kevin Wolf/AP Images for A Billion + Change)
A conservative newspaper widely expected to endorse one of the Republicans running for Senate in Georgia has some kind words for Democratic Senate candidate Michelle Nunn.

A recent editorial by the Savannah Morning News's editorial page said "it's too bad the national Democratic Party doesn't field more candidates like Michelle Nunn."

The editorial went on to say that the fact that Nunn actually hasn't served in elected office before could serve as an asset.  

"But at a time when the approval rating of Congress is a miniscule 9 percent, her lack of experience may not be a big negative. Instead, her background is rooted in the non-profit, volunteer sector." The Morning News editorial page described that as "a plus." - TPM, 12/2/13

Here's more from Savannah Morning News' piece on Nunn:


Ms. Nunn, who’s running for the U.S. Senate in Georgia and who visited the Port of Savannah for the first time last week, seems a far cry from the Harry Reids, Barbara Boxers and Dick Durbins of her party.

“I’m not one who believes in ideological extremes,” Ms. Nunn said here Tuesday. “I believe that most Georgians are folks that actually just believe in trying to put the state and then the nation first. To set aside differences when possible to actually try and get things done.”

Can you imagine the Senate majority leader saying that? Neither can we.

Ms. Nunn, 46, may be best known for her pedigree. She’s the daughter of former U.S. Sen. Sam Nunn of Georgia. He was a Southern Democrat known for bucking the liberal wing of his party on issues like taxes and national defense. Among today’s Democratic partisans, he would be considered a dinosaur.

His daughter’s name recognition — along with her ability to raise money — has vaulted her to the top of the short list of Democratic contenders seeking the Senate seat that Republican Saxby Chambliss is vacating.

By contrast, the Republican battle to succeed Mr. Chambliss is a free-for-all. Veteran Congressman Jack Kingston of Savannah is running and is the leading fundraiser so far. Also in the hunt are U.S. House members Paul Broun and Phil Gingery, businessman David Perdue (cousin of former Gov. Sonny Perdue) and former Secretary of State and Susan G. Komen foundation executive Karen Handel. - Savannah Morning News, 11/30/13

Ouch indeed.  While Nunn's candidacy gains momentum, Republicans prepare to rip each other a part:


At the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains sits one of the most Republican congressional districts in the country that is home to Georgia’s governor, lieutenant governor and speaker of the House.

The 9th Congressional District and the nearby 14th district are considered the heart of the GOP in Georgia and will be key battlegrounds in a fiercely contested Republican primary next year for an open U.S. Senate seat, a race that will be watched nationally as Democrats look to thwart efforts by Republicans to take control of the Senate.

While not as populous or packed with deep-pocket donors as metro Atlanta, the two districts in north Georgia offer a strong and reliable base of fiscal and social conservatives and are largely up for grabs considering no major candidate has a direct link to the area.

“The candidate that can best go up there and make their case to voters that they should be worthy of their support will be the Republican nominee,” said Chip Lake, a metro Atlanta-based political consultant who worked on the 2012 campaign of Rep. Doug Collins in the 9th District.

When U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss, a Republican from Moultrie, announced earlier this year that he would retire at the end of his term, it set off an avalanche of interest as Georgia party members look to solidify support while state Democrats work to rebound after losing every statewide office in 2010. The crowded GOP field includes three popular congressmen, a former secretary of state who narrowly lost the 2010 gubernatorial primary, and a well-connected businessman willing to spend some of his own money on the race.

The two districts spread across the northern part of the state. The 9th district is known for its poultry plants in Hall County and lakeside vacation and retirement communities, while the 14th district has a manufacturing core anchored by the carpet industry in Dalton. Both have a sizeable tea party contingent, are largely white and supported Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney with a much wider margin than the state as a whole.

All told, the two districts comprise about 20 percent of the state’s Republican voters, according to Lake. - The Marietta Daily Journal, 12/1/13

It's becoming more and more evident that this seat is going to be our best pick up opportunity next year when it comes to Senate races.  If you would like to get involved, learn more or donate to Nunn's campaign, you can do so here:

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