The movies you love, but maybe keep hidden in a box under the couch.

The movies you aren't "supposed to like"

The movies your friends would never let you live it down, if they knew you liked.

The movies you put on, to get someone you don't like, to leave.

The movies you watch over and over again, and don't really know why.

My list:

The Hunger - And no, not only for the vampire sex scene between Catherine Deneuve and Susan Sarandon (and Bowie and Defoe!!!)

My Best Fiend - Bizarre documentary about Werner Herzog's tempestuous relationship with actor Klaus Kinski

Withnail & I - Acerbic, strange and downright frightening movie about druggy-actor-buddies in late 60's England.  Not everyone's cup of tea.  Dark, DARK humor about misery.

Beyond Therapy - Little-known Robert Altman movie about a bizarre dinner date among a romantic couple and their lunatic therapists.

After Hours
- Martin Scorsese tries his hand, quite handily, at full-on comedy.  Vignettes set in New York City.  Not for the squeamish.  But, Cheech and Chong make an appearance!

Gregory's Girl - A sweet Scottish love story of high school time.  By the maker of "Local Hero"   Cheesy music and even worse clothing and hair.  Dated beyond BELIEF, but very funny.

Any Pippi Longstocking Movie.  Preferably in the original Swedish.

The Tall Guy - A movie about a musical called "Elephant:  The musical"  A musical play about The Elephant Man.

Stardust Memories - a much panned and almost forgotten Woody Allen homage to Fellini's 8-1/2.  Black and white.  Odd.  But true.

Heavenly Creatures - Based on a true story.  I won't give away the plot here, but it's chilling.

Even Dwarfs Started Small - Another Herzog film.  Don't watch this.  Seriously.  You'll thank me.  It's like a train wreck and a nuclear disaster all in one.

Gummo - Yikes!!!

I fully realize that some of these may not qualify (under the strict definition) as "Guilty Pleasures", but they're all I could come up with.  My girlfriend showed me one of hers..........she has lots of them.............called "Anaconda"   We had fun making fun of it, but it's truly awful.

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