kos emailed me! Isn't that cool?! He wanted to give me some good information, which he did! I am honored!

One of the things he told me was that Daily Kos has five MILLION unique readers! Isn’t that a stunning statistic? That many unique readers Daily Kos every month! I have not queried him about the details, so I don’t know specifics, but it SOUNDS to me like that number excludes Republicans who visit the site, for curiosity or disruption or p** envy or whatever (since, of course, they are far from unique, and they don’t even WANT to be!). But, for all its success, Daily Kos is a business. It has a staff of 22 human beings, who have lives, families, expenses, like all of us. The things Daily Kos gives us, gives our citizens, gives our country … those things are not free. It takes a lot of money to fight the fights Daily Kos fights. It takes a lot of money to support the community we have here, the venue, the infrastructure, all that it involves.

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He told me that the business model the site used to use saw most of the operating revenue coming from site advertising, from site visitors clicking on advertising links. Now, however, those revenues are waning, and, now, community support has become more important to their ability to operate than advertising revenue. In kos’s words …

Community support has become more important to our ability to operate than advertising revenue.

The email contained links to an ActBlue page for donations to Daily Kos (I contributed! Happily and proudly.) This is the link kos included, asking for $5. (If one is patient enough to read to the bottom of the email, the amount drops to $3! Oh if only there was a postscript! kos might be sending US money!)

The email made me think of our politicians, our Democratic champions. They work very hard on our behalf. They don’t always satisfy us. Sometimes they don’t satisfy us at all. Sometimes they work very much against what we need them to do. Or adopt a counter-productive strategy, or they do things inconsistent with what they told us they would do. We try to make our wishes clear to them. We try to give them suggestions, tips, recommendations, we try to guide them toward being better, more effective leaders.

And that got me thinking of our work, our challenges, our commission. Most of us are on Daily Kos because of our commitment, because of our passion for Democratic causes, for fairness, justice, honesty. How well do we meet our expectations for ourselves?

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I know I meet my expectations for myself better because of Daily Kos. I am much more in touch with my political goals and objectives. I am better informed. I am more engaged, more effectively engaged. I FEEL my power much more clearly. I feel my responsibility more clearly. I get fine ideas from YOU. From your words in diaries, from your contributions in the comment threads. I owe you. I am in your debt. I owe kos, and I am in his debt, too.

It pleased me tonight to make a contribution through ActBlue. It pleases me tonight to write you about supporting Daily Kos in active ways. I hope you will make a contribution to ActBlue, if that works for you this season.

But if you don’t, I have another idea, one I also use.

A high percentage of Top Comments visitors are active, engaged Kossacks, some of the most active, most committed on Daily Kos. A high percentage are lifetime subscribers, in fact, a form of super trusted users, almost. I find it more than a little ironic that those of us MOST active on this site, most committed to the site, also likely contribute most to the decline in advertising revenues for Daily Kos, since one of the ‘perks’ of subscribership is the ability to turn off site ads. And, after all, who’d ever miss those?!

But what do they ‘cost’ us, really? We can’t take a drive without seeing forms of advertising, often as not on other vehicles alongside us, or in front of us. We can’t read print media without advertising. Most of the sites we’ll ever visit on the Internet have advertising. It is a fact of our lives.

How would you feel about turning ads back on in your browsers? You have to see them anywhere, just about everywhere else. Why not see them on Daily Kos and click a few links every now and then to benefit our community, our blog home?

If you aren’t interested in anything there are ads for, so what? Click one any time as you step away (you DO step away, occasionally, don’t you?!!!). Let it load, then close it when you return. If each of us did that five or six times a day (or 20-30), who knows what impact we could have on ad revenues?!

It doesn’t take a financial commitment. Even those of us with scarce financial resources can click links. It doesn’t take a time commitment. Walk away and close them when you get back. Yes, the ads look ugly, but that’s always true.

Is it too big a sacrifice for our fine community? (If you feel it is, that is fine, you don’t have to explain to me, you don’t even have to tell me.) Just consider it, please?

And, if you have ideas for helping with Daily Kos funding, please post them to the Help Desk!

Best to you tonight! And on to tonight’s comments, formatted by brillig!

Update: Wouldn't it be cool if kos and the management team noticed a marked uptick in ad revenue, and learned that it started here in Top Comments?!

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From belinda ridgewood:
In Laura Clawson's Midday Open Thread, I just loved Crashing Vor's motto for the day.
From Dragon5616:
In catilinus' New Day diary, aravir offered this beautiful portrait of a teacher as well as some sound advice about staying young.
From Ekaterin:
This comment by indycam in kos' diary Wherein I Decline to Justify the Obvious rocks.
From Dave in Northridge:
fToRrEeEsSt was looking for a metaphor (but didn't find one) in this most wonderful diary by Choco8.
From a2nite:
I think this one by Denise Oliver Velez deserves a top comment especially because of the video content. Some people need to see a picture to understand what is racist.
From bastrop:
This fact based comment by some other george in Hunter's California Healthcare diary is a must read example of how Daily Kos can work best in shining a disinfectant light on the desperate practices of a corrupt GOP.  Also a valuable example of how the internetz work (shhhh...don't tell the opposition).
From cohenzee:
Sending this in just because I love Robert Reich videos. This one is on Chained CPI and was posted by divineorder.
From BeninSC:
I found this comment all by myself with no flagging, what about that?! The Marti posted this comment about finding one's way in the Daily Kos community in catilinus's terrific Welcome New Users diary today! (Well worth a visit in its own right!)

Flagged by DontTaseMeBro, this concise comment by Shotput8 skewers our political adversaries.

Flagged by a gilas girl, this comment by westyny shines a light on the Twitter faux pas Republicans made in trying to use the memory of Rosa Parks to seduce black voters to their hypocritical side.

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