It's really bad news when you hit that 10%.  It means that this man has lost his leverage on time.  No more borrowing, no more spending.  Taxes with limited representation (mostly just talk).  

Political parties are bothersome, because people in four dimensions consistently miss substantive mark with procedural nonsense, being projected by a statistical fan into such polarization.  It benefits the government economy more than the people, and the ones I see pulling levers are all elected officials.  

"It's the economy, stupid..." is the whackiest crap I heard when I see America collapse under its own torch.  Turn the statue of liberty upside down, because that is your God given right.  Place fire on fire.  

The barbarian solution is to unplug the fan, not to harm voters - but to knock down officials.  They are the ones that use snakes to place time constraints on markets, which will make them cave under pressure.  He remembers cave.  

My suggestion to you is that you buy your health plans, pay gas, but our doctors are getting sick because they miss their Big MacRib.  Weak government means healthy people who know what weak is.  2014 does not matter.  Either way it swings, Barack will be talking about the Middle East, letting go of immigration reform, shaking his ass all the way to Honolulu (Or Kenya).

My name is Tone Bryant and I will be running for house in the four districts where I reside.  We need to start paying China back, but I'm also keeping my options open.

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