After completing my application and choosing my healthcare plan on healthcare.gov and reviewing the .pdf document on my missing eligibility requirements, I thought I was finished (except for sending in proof of income).

It's a good thing I am slightly OCD. I have been logging into my healthcare.gov account every couple of days just to see that it still says my application status is "Complete" and my chosen health plan shows "Initial Enrollment". Was I satisfied with that? No, yesterday I clicked on everything and found a page with a second missing item, which is NOT mentioned anywhere else. The missing "Citizenship" information is not even listed in my Eligibility Results - only the missing proof of income. I only saw it when I scrolled down the page (and did not click on "Eligibility Results"). I've since provided the requested proof of both items - it's pretty cool that you can upload your proof right from your computer to your application.
How would I have known about the necessity of citizenship proof if I had not clicked around on my already-completed application and then scrolled down? There are obviously still some glitches!

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