It's a rare story when you get TWO Republican Presidential candidates in one scandal, but the Kent Sorenson story gives you that.

FBI officials executed a search warrant at former state Sen. Kent Sorenson’s home two weeks ago and confiscated computers and other materials connected to presidential campaign politics, his lawyer told The Des Moines Register today.

“We were not notified that he was the target of any investigation,” attorney Theodore Sporer told the Register. “They took computers and things that would be used to verify or validate communications with presidential entities.”

Des Moines Register
“It wasn’t a ‘raid,’” Sporer told the Register. “They executed a search warrant that, frankly, we anticipated was coming.”

The FBI on Wednesday, Nov. 20 were at Sorenson’s home for several hours and took computers belonging to his children, as well, Sporer said. “I assume it’s just kind of a dragnet to sweep for anything they could possibly find,” he said. “They’re very thorough.”

For those new to this story, Sorenson has some influence in Iowa politics. He worked for Michele Bachmann's presidential campaign before jumping ship to go over to Ron Paul's.

It is not legal to pay a member of the Iowa state Senate to work on your Presidential campaign, but the Bachmann campaign allegedly did just that, and laundered the money through a Colorado firm. Sorenson is also alleged to have asked for money to change over to the Paul campaign, and received a check for $25,000 and an EBT of $73,000 from them.

He is also alleged to have stolen an email mailing list of Iowa Christian home schooling advocates and used it on behalf of Michele Bachmann's campaign.

If the irony of three ostentatiously Christian Republicans being involved in shenanigans of this nature is not apparent to you, recalibrate your irony detector.

I asked for an official reply from the Christian Church and have posted it below the Orange Squiggle of Power.

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