Effective blogging is time consuming. If you also do a lot of your own videos at live rallies and other events throughout the state and sometimes throughout the country, it can get both times consuming and expensive. Tools that are required to capture real-time news events from screens and other feeds can tax both limited time and the pocketbook. Good independent bloggers do it mostly for passion with the expectation to make a living by offering a value to their followers and readers.

Online advertisers know that. If you blog in an arena that they want to reach irrespective of your message, you are game.

I post a lot about the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). I am one of those ‘nerds’ that read the whole bill (law). I have been getting many interesting offers to post ads on my website and YouTube channel for cash to disparage Obamacare. This is likely true for most independent bloggers with a solid following. For many it can become difficult to simply disregard offers for advertising that do not fulfill one's political ideology. My commitment has always been to do so.

Today, I accidentally accepted an ad from my ad provider that I should not have accepted. It had two pretty girls on a 300X250 ad that made it look like one of those risqué ads. It turned out to be an anti-Obamacare ad video with a request for money to help you get through Obamacare. I pleaded with the provider and got it removed. That was over $100.00 of income for that one spot that I forfeited to prevent the vilification of the best opportunity for many to get affordable healthcare.

Last night I got the following YouTube email. I am blocking out the guy who sent it. I do not want to presume what anyone’s situation is, that might cause them to do such a disingenuous thing.

John Doe
John Doe sent you a video: "Krystal Ball Excoriate Republicans For Non-Conservative Obamacare Attacks"

I just watched your video on Obamacare. Dead on.

Question: I noticed that you don't have a link in the description of your video and I was wondering if you would place a relavant link in there in exchange for some $$?  This is literally 30 secs of work for you and I will compensate you for it.

Reply if interested and I'll give you full details.

Look forward to hearing from you.
John Doe

Usually I ignore these. I get these offers all the time on all my high performing videos and blog posts. I wrote him back and gave him my email to continue the ‘negotiations’ via email. He replied,
Per our messaging on YouTube, sending this e-mail to you.

Here's the details.
The link to place in the description is: http://tinyurl.com/...

The link is for an offer that is very popular right now called "Obamacare Bootcamp".  The guy that does the training, Rick Liuag, is an established insurance expert who's done his homework on Obamacare.

Here's a review on ResponsibleReview.com just to confirm it's a good legit deal that people are getting value out of: http://responsiblereview.com/...

You can read the offer page to see more about how it helps people know what to do to ensure the best coverage and save money.  (Regardless of ones ideology or opinion on Obamacare, this is practical advice millions are needing right now.)

So all you do is place the following in the description:

What you need to know about Obamacare: http://tinyurl.com/...

(You can replaced "What you need to know about Obamacare" with whatever other language you like)

Any time an order is placed through this link (I've included a tracking ID to know when an order comes from you) , I'll pay you $5 via paypal.  One order and you'll get $5, a hundred and you'll get $500.

That's all there is to it.  Let me know what you think or if you have any questions.

John Doe

PS-You can place http://tinyurl.com/... on other videos too, or anywhere else, and the same applies.

Who is peddling these Obamacare scams?

One would want to just sit back and blame the Right Wing for Obamacare scams. That is the easy answer. Yes, those charlatans peddle books, conferences, and donation requests on Obamacare lies. Many in fact are Obamacare scams.

However the two emails above are telling. John Doe’s initial contact purports to agree with the video which is supportive of Obamacare. The second email includes the link to the video product. It includes the statement.  Regardless of ones ideology or opinion on Obamacare, this is practical advice millions are needing right now. That is a classic segue into Obamacare scams.

The links to the "Obamacare Bootcamp” are not included. If one is predisposed to want to find it they can. Suffice it to say that the video begins by scaring the holy hell out of the viewer about the ills of Obamacare (all lies of course). It then offers you navigation through the ‘Obamacare maze’ to help you through the bumps you are sure to encounter. It will only cost you $19.95.

One can only feel sorry for the misinformed. They are first lied to and scared into a stupor. To relieve that fear, they are conned into paying for information they could get for free. The promoters of Obamacare scams are heartless. Is that any different than those who are knowingly lying to their constituents?

Obamacare Scams
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