Quoting perhaps one of the longer sentences I have read, Nile Bowie waxed eloquently about global poverty, inequality and the Vatican's ability to affect such things. Was a great read! Later on Ill add my own comments, although they be worth nothing, just to relieve some 4 in the mornin stress.

"In stark contrast to the neoliberal philosophy recently laid out by Mayor of London Boris Johnson – who argues, “inequality is essential for the spirit of envy” needed to spur economic activity – people of various faiths and non-believers alike can agree that the philosophy of humility embodied by Pope Francis presents something of an alternative in the way of confronting the social indifference and cynicism that has become the hallmark of societies living under turbo-capitalism."


This is something of an alternative to essential inequality? The Mayor of London says inequality should never be eradicated as it is a necessity. Lets see what Desmosthenes, Mayor of IDGAF, thinks.


Gotta keep it real then ill try to mature up the words I type; The Mayor Of London thinks poor, downtrodden, stuck in a rut poor people are required to continue his system of Economics. I don't think anyone is going to disagree with that statement having heard his recent words concerning their essential being.

As an aside to everything else; I think the current Pope, Francis, is choosing his words most wisely and aligning his actions with a true Christian perspective. Living not for the church but to spread the message of Jesus Christ. Amen, God Blessed, and Hallelujah that anyone at all is willing to talk about complicated matters simply. His past aside, gun running and pope bashing in Argentina (dude saw some shit and lived life), I dont give him any credit. His presence and attitude is long overdue from an organization claiming to be overseeing the spiritual well being of a billions souls and dropping. Overdue but nonetheless welcome.

Secondly lets hit on the subject of the "Idolatry of Money" as Pope Francis puts it. Nile Bowie i think hit expertly with his phrase Turbo-Capitalism. A capitalism so perverted it requires masses of people, Billions of people, to live a tortuous existence striving to maintain a bare minimum of decency and dignity. Nameless forbid dignity in life be a fucking human right.

This is a system of purposeful mis-distribution. The pope said it best, "Openly and clearly oppose Terrorism", decry "one-sided" interests. Elect “more politicians who are genuinely disturbed by the state of society, the people and the lives of the poor”.

Capitalism is an outdated model which will not serve the Human race. Time for it change dramatically.

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