The program was heard on KPFA.
"The Morning Mix Project Censored - December 6, 2013 at 8:00am" was the morning show.

The interview starts around 30 minutes into the broadcast.

I am curious, what are your thoughts and opinions on what was said?


Try this link as well.

It's an interesting interview, the hosts are in no way what i would consider conservative. Yet, they seem to agree with Rall and that is the only reason i linked to the interview. Censorship isn't what i think happened, but it is how Rall sees the events that transpired.

I admit to not having followed this saga very closely but, since we are rational adults, should we hold an intervention with Rall? Talk it out...

Personally, i Don't like the way he draws the President, actually i don't like the way most cartoonists depict Obama.

What i vehemently disagree with, is that we are obamabots. We disagree with, and criticize some of his polices almost as much as we do with tea party positions.

i know what my knee jerk reaction to his drawing of president obama is, and i never would have written about the rall saga, but after hearing the interviewers POV i became interested in the story and i actually looked at the cartoons for the first time.

not talking about it, would serve no purpose. reflection and dialog are worthwhile endeavors.  

Look, i do believe that he is concerned about being labeled a racist. And the accusation has hit home. The question is, what does he do with that information. Some soul searching, a retreat and retrenchment, or a doubling down?


Is ralls depiction of the President Racist?

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