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As a former reporter for a county in Oklahoma that’s county officials prided themselves on erecting a display of the Ten Commandments on the steps of a courthouse it concerns me the direction that Oklahoma’s leaders are taking. Oklahoma’s Republican controlled House and Senate are considering issues such as having a “prayer room” and combatting Islamic fundamentalism in the state. The dichotomy of these two things is a resounding bad idea for the state.

I worked as a reporter in Haskell county and found the commissioners who erected the Ten Commandments there to be misleading at best when I’d try to report on anything concerning them. Now, as for my own county, Sequoyah County, we have State Representative John Bennett who regularly combats Islamic fundamentalism in the state saying that CAIR advocates terrorism.

The dichotomy that we have here is a state where leaders are more likely to spend their time advocating issues that do not bring anything to the economy of the state, county or city. As they combat terrorism in the state they are also advocating the same practices which would lead to a theocratic state, and if you recall Middle Eastern countries are theocratic. Irony, anyone?

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