Ever since I stumbled upon Daily Kos in the Fall of 2008, I have wanted to be a regular contributor.  Someone who readers could visit with on a frequent basis, slipping my diary on like a comfy old glove.  The problem was, I couldn't find my niche.  I needed to find a topic that would interest me for the long haul, and of course, all of you as well.  Finally, I believe I have discovered the former.  The latter will have to be decided later.

With that, I humbly present to you, Decades.  A weekly look at events surrounding each of the last five decades of the twentieth century. This week, the focus is on the 1950s.  I hope you enjoy.

This week in 1950s History:  On December 16th, 1953, the first White House press conference ever took place, between Dwight Eisenhower and 161(!) reporters.  Since Fox News hadn't been invented yet, there was no one there to ask him why he was such a RINO.  

The last "good"  Republican president
1950s  Song of the Week:  "Hound Dog" by Big Mama Thorton, recorded August 13th, 1952 and released February of 1953. Made super popular by Elvis, in 1956.

Sometimes a cover is better than the original.  Not in this case.

1950s  Movie of the Week:  THEM! Released, June 19th, 1954.  Imdb Description: The earliest atomic tests in New Mexico cause common ants to mutate into giant man-eating monsters that threaten civilization.

Modern Day Tagline:  Your picnic is gonna suck.
1950s Law of the Week:  Brown V. Board of Education May 17th, 1954.  I will usually try to highlight lesser known laws, but for my first post, I felt one of the most important laws in the last 100 years should be mentioned.  This law paved the way to full integration in public schools.  As we still work to overcome institutionalized racism in this country, it is important to recognize the first major step forward.

1950s  Progressive Champion of the Week:  Charlotta Bass.    Charlotta was the first African American woman nominated for national public office as the vice-presidential candidate for the Progressive party, in 1952.  They came in a distant third, but then again, she did come in ahead of Douglas MacArthur's Constitution party.  

1950s Conservative Bum of the Week: Joe McCarthy  The quintessential bully senator, even if you are not a fan of Communism, the tactics this monster used to intimidate, coerce and destroy people's lives and careers was utterly reprehensible. What's worse, even though his "red scare" tactics get all the publicity, his 'lavender scare' scourge against the homosexual population probably did more damage.  Never will a more worthy person be crowned the 1950's CBOW.  

I believe he may be the first person to be ever referred to as a "douche bag" in mixed company.
1950s Fad of the Week: Gelatin molds.  Your weren't anybody who was anybody if you didn't have a nice collection of various molds.  Who know flavored cow hooves could be such a trend setter?  
Something tells me your grandmother did not have the mold that made this baby hanging above her kitchen cabinetry.  
1950s Inflation Freak Out of the Week:  Price of a bottle of Asprin in 1950:  54 Cents

1950s Reincarnation Watch of the Week:  On December 12th, 1957, Composer Robert Frank Kruka dies.  Later that day, American Singer/Percussionist/Bassist Sheila E. is born. Coincidence???

1950s  Quote of the Week:

"Win or lose, we win by raising the issues" - Charlotta Bass
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