Zombies are everywhere now and smart people are beginning to prepare for TEOTWAWKI , via the Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse....

luckily for us, a Romanian Doctor has solved the problem....follow me below the Divider/Doodle of Death (bwahahahahah)  for the press release on this fantastic development in preparation for the End.......

Say Hello to the F.A.S.T. pootie


We are very excited to announce that the Rutherford County Animal Shelter, along with various shelters and rescues around NC have received a special shipment of kittens and cats from the renowned Doctor Oscar Lebensteinenski of the Romanian Feline Institute in Targu Neamt Romania (this is in the Carpathian mountain range).

His team has done ground breaking work on the coming Zombie Apocalypse. These cats & kittens have been trained under a top secret Romanian government project called F.A.S.T. or Feline Alert System Technology. FAST cats are able to repel Zombies. The good Dr. Lebensteinenski has been able to link a common vaccine and genetically alter the kittens so that as long as they are vaccinated for Rabies, Zombies will never come near your home. They secrete a pheromone that repels the Zombies and is very pleasant and calming to humans when the kitten is held by its owner.

All kittens come with a money-back guarantee. If a Zombie ever invades your home, we will refund your adoption fee completely

Rutherford County Animal Shelter has various breeds of cats and kittens, of all makes and models. They will be available starting October 14th through 31st. Because of the high demand for FAST Cats, it will be first come first serve. Prepare now for the coming Zombie Apocalypse! Be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Don’t get eaten

Here is the YouTube video link: http://youtu.be/...


Now this was an October press release so I'm sure this particular shelter might be out of FAST pooties....however I have it on good authority that the Doctor has freely passed on the gene splicing technology so that now, shelters all over the country have FAST pooties Available today for pickup and adoption into their new forever home....

So save yourselves and your families from the Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse

Get to your local shelter and get a FAST kitty today as the IZA could start tomorrow.......

When I saw this this morning I almost choked I laughed so hard, here's a link to all things Zombie where I found the start of the trail for the FAST kitties  


Go get one today, quick before the horribleosity begins

Any pics of FAST pooties would be appreciated


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