Here's all the scary Friday the 13th bat** crazy from the Republicans that I could find. And, yes, they are as crazy scary as they sound.

The Director of Hawaii's Dept of Health died in a tragic plane crash. Since she's the one who verified President Obama's birth certificate, conservatives are using her death as fodder for a new birther conspiracy theory.

The Health and Human Services Dept declined to turn over security information about healthcare.gov to Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) because they don't trust him with any of it's secret. Issa's committee has had security breaches of its own relating to Libya, his discredited "Fast and Furious" investigation and TSA documents. Details here.

Calgary Ted Cruz is probably running for President in 2016. This guarantees the Republican primaries will be crazy.

Sarah Palin has her own coin. No, seriously.

JerseY City, NH Mayor asked all vendors who supply firearms to his police department to explain how they handle gun safety issues and illegal trafficking. The NRA goes ape**, invokes the Holocaust. So predicable, so bat** crazy.

NJ Gov. Chris Christie thought it would be a good idea to get revenge on a Democratic Mayor who wouldn't endorse his reelection bid by closing 2 of 3 toll booths on a bridge leading into NYC causing huge traffic jams.

Karl Rove claims that Democrats are in trouble because a woman with tattoos alleges that her health insurance premiums are going up. What's crazy is the billionaires who give him millions to blow so he can lose elections for them.

Two Republican Attorneys General in Utah both had the same "fixer." This "fixer" is now charged with 6 felonies. Why would they need this guy when they have the law on their side?

Rep. Tim Rice (R-SC) wants President Obama impeached for his "imperial presidency." Michele Bachmann wants this, too. Mucho loco.

Remember the disgraced Randy "Duke" Cunningham? He served 8 years in prison for corruption. Here's a tour of his floating party palace which he unloaded at a deep discount.

Upon learning that a PAC was about to attack him for considering running in New Hampshire with an ad featuring his Massachusetts truck, former MA Senator Scott Brown dismissed the carpetbagging attack by saying he still lives in MA. Now that's crazy stupid if he ends up running in NH.

Fox News: White Santa's home isn't melting.

Rush Limbaugh: Who did the Robber Barons steal from anyway?

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